A2D2 Digital X-Ray Model 128I - $15,900

All In Pricing Including On-Site Installation, Travel and Training. No software support fees or software upgrade fees


Model 128I Imager Specifications:

  • No cassettes to handle, repair or replace

  • Image Access time: 12-13 seconds from time of acquisition

  • Sensor type: Single CCD Mounted behind a scientific mirror to protect against effects of X-ray exposure over time- less chance of system failure

  • Field of View: 7”X11”

  • Imager is designed to tilt and slide, never losing contact with the Orthoposer- prevents damage from drops)

  • Power Type: Standard wall outlet

  • Produces 24 Megapixel images

Model 128I Orthoposer Specifications:

  • 33” in width by 29” in depth by 9” in height

  • 54” in width by 41” in depth with 4” step installed and head laid down for a lateral image

  • 4” step to help patient mount the system (helps qualify for the ADA Tax Credit)

  • FDA Approved materials

  • Allows for retrofitting of virtually any Existing X-ray Generator (ask if yours Can be retrofitted- save Thousands over having to purchase a new X-ray generator)