Brad Katzman, DPM, Ontario, CA

I had the same concern regarding digital x-rays cost! In January 2009, we purchased a A2D2 Digital System. I have never been happier with my purchase. It has made my practice extremely efficient. The patients are impressed with the digital images, and now I am able to email, print, measure angles, burn DVD’s for the physicians and patients. No more storage problems or searching for lost films. Great support from this company. Don’t think twice about this purchase-DO IT!!

Jeffery Kass, DPM, Forest Hills, NY

With regard to digital x-rays, the original question. I believe, asked about residual payments, etc. Most systems to my knowledge do, in fact, carry support fees for their systems. I currently use ICRCO’s system and I love it. I believe that yearly support fees are something in the order of 850 dollars. At the time of purchase, this was not told to me I was surprised when I sent a bill, as this was something I clearly asked of my salesperson. Having said that, the support is there when I need it, and I am happy with my purchase.

Harvey Danciger, DPM, Palm Desert, CA

I highly recommend the unit. It has interfaced with my EHR and network very well. I am able to import x-rays into treatment rooms on monitors very quickly. It’s easy to learn and use and has excellent x-ray picture quality. I highly recommend FOZ Networks as the supplier and dealer. They give unsurpassed service and support. The company is very open to suggestions to improve their product, and makes changes to adapt, which you get for free. They provide a great warranty as well. The unit also retrofits to X-Cel x-ray machines, and very likely to others.

Joseph Morgan, DPM, Odessa, TX

I am opening a new practice and just researched some different options for digital x-rays. I chose to purchase the A2D2 system from one of their dealers, FOZ Networks. I looked at CR and DR systems, and DR was the obvious choice for me because of the difference in processing time. DR does not use cassettes (which need processing), so the patient throughput is much faster. They do not charge any fees for annual software maintenace or support, which could add up to thousands per year with other systems. Image quality is excellent and the software tools are geared towards podiatry.

Alan L. Bass, DPM, Manalapan, NJ

I am in the process of combining my office and joining with an office that recently switched from a CR digital imaging system to a DR system from Ann Arbor Digital Devices (A2D2). Even though they had a perfectly good system from 20/20, when they looked at the savings and productivity gains from the A2D2 system, it was a no-brainer for them. The first thing that caught their eye was not having to handle and process cassettes in the DR system. This reduced the amount of time to take 3 views from over 6 minutes. In a busy office like theirs, that 4+ minute savings for each and every X-Ray case really adds up to big labor savings.

Another deciding factor was that A2D2 does not charge any support or upgrade fees for the software, this alone saved the office over $1,200. The software is podiatry-specific, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and offers features that put it miles ahead of all the others. Finally, another reason was that this is a podiatry-friendly company and a big supporter of podiatry and the AAPPM.