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digital X-RaysWhy should I make the move to digital X-Rays?

Our clients give us a multitude of reasons why they are upgrading to the A2D2 DR digital X-Ray system. Most common is that they have kept their chemical processing system alive for as long as they could and do not want to invest any more money is older technology.

A second and related reason is that chemical film processing takes longer and the expense to run and maintain this system never goes away. A more recent reason is the possibility that Medicare may be reducing reimbursements for those who are not utilizing Direct Radiography (DR) X-Ray systems in their practice.

foz-networks-a2d2-x-rayHow does DR (Direct Radiography) differ from CR (Computed Radiography?

The biggest difference is speed. With CR digital, you capture images on a series of cassettes, then process those images on a digital scanner, then the image is transferred to a computer screen for viewing. This process can take a minute or longer per view.

With DR, you press the exposure button on the X-ray generator and you see an image on the screen in 6-8 seconds.

There are very few moving parts on the A2D2 system. Our clients who have upgraded from CR to DR tell us that their CR units would require repurchasing cassettes ($800-1000 each) every few years and the belts that drive the scanner wear with use and need to be replaced periodically.

Can I view x rays in all exam rooms? Are there licensing costs for additional rooms?

Images are available immediately after they are taken from any computer in your office that has the A2D2 software installed on that computer. There is no limit to the number of computer you can install the software on and there is no charge for these viewing stations.

2015 Model 128i xrayWho is A2D2 and why wouldn’t I buy from them directly?

A2D2 is an acronym for Ann Arbor Digital Devices. They are the manufacturer of both the hardware and software that comprises their DR digital x ray system. They sell their product through a network of authorized dealers located throughout the country. Not all authorized dealers are full service. FOZ Networks provides all installation and support services before, during and after your purchase.

How do I position the X-Ray for different views?

Will A2D2 software integrate with my EHR software?

A2D2 integrates with:

  • TRAKnet
  • SAMMY Systems
  • Athena Health (one way interface, images sent to Athena)
  • MediTouch
  • Genius Solutions

A2D2 does not charge anything for interfacing with EHR programs. If you would like your EHR to interface with A2D2, there may be a charge from the EHR company. Have your account manager contact FOZ Networks to discuss interfacing.

If you don’t want to invest in interfacing, A2D2 can produce JPEG images, which can be cut and pasted into your EHR.

2015 Model 128iAre there ongoing support and maintenance costs for the A2D2 system?

At the current time, there are no ongoing costs for software upgrades or system support by telephone. Most companies charge $1000 per year or more for support and upgrades.

What is the warranty?

The imager comes with a three (3) year warranty against defect. Damage is not covered under this warranty. Shipping is not included in this warranty. If you need an imager repaired, you can expedite your repair using overnight shipping at your expense to and from the factory.

How do I backup images?

FOZ Networks has partnered backup service companies so you can know that in the event of fire, theft, flood, you will have a copy of your xrays. Contact FOZ for additional information.

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